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ADS Dish-washing Machines

Less water, energy, and chemicals – same great quality and results

•ES = Energy Savings 37 Racks/ 34 Gallons/ Per Hour Powerful 1 ½ HP Pump Large Door Opening 20 ½” Dual Screens protects the pump

•ES = Lowest Energy Star Rating in its class - .936 Gallons Per Cycle

•Double Duty Model – features 20 ½” door opening, air-gap fill, dual screening, washes 74 racks per hour with two powerful 1 HP pumps.

•ES = Lowest energy star rating in its class – 1.78 Gallons Per Cycle

I don't understand this, but it was in the PP. We need to make this user friendly.

Supplemental cleaning detergents, sanitizers, paper items and dispensers.

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